The Problem With Prague

For the month, I’m changing the emphasis of my blog from “wondering” to “wanderinIMG_0718g.”  That’s because I’m in Prague, Czech Republic, on a writing residency.  Residencies vary in their context.  Some simply provide a place to sleep and work, with a venue to show or read what you’ve done.  This one, associated with Western Michigan University, is more of a “study abroad” program.  Twenty writers of various genres from all over the US will live in community for 4 weeks of seminars, master classes, peer reviews, one-on-one conferences and readings.

The residency begins Sunday, June 29, with a kick-off dinner and orientation.  We dig into the writing on Monday.  However, there will be lot of time to explore this inspiring city and surrounding areas.  So I’ll be posting lots of photos.

The problem with Prague is that it’s so photogenic.  It’s over a thousand years old, with a varied topology and mix of architecture.  People call it “Golden Prague” because of the ornate gold work found everywhere–on its buildings, statues and monuments.  It’s also called “The City of a Thousand Spires,” due to its many churches.

Prague crackles with vitality as well.  It’s hilly and scenic.  A river runs through it.  People enjoy the beauty in a multitude of ways.  They stroll under sweet-smelling lindens that line the river walk, listen to musicians, eat at outdoor cafes, shop at open-air markets, and boat on the river.  Runners, bicyclists, skate-boarders and segway-ists keep up a steady stream of activity along the walkways.  The trolleys clang, the train whistles blow and, each hour, a bell-tower somewhere chimes.

There are photo ops everywhere–up, down, in the distance and up close.  Prague is always posing.  You get a shot, and five steps later there’s another.  Or the same shot, with different lighting.  I hope the photos I post this month give a glimpse of this most amazing and alive city.


9 thoughts on “The Problem With Prague

  1. This makes my heart happy, seeing you doing what you LOVE…travel, Czech mix, writing, and meeting interesting people.

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